updated version of firefox bookmark synchronizer

as i reported in an earlier post, i’m using the "bookmark synchronizer" plugin for firefox.
unfortunatly the plugin stopped working after the firefox update.

today i found out that someone finally decided to continue the development of that nifty plugin and this someone also provides an updated version of the plugin that works with firefox versions above 1.5.

have a look at his page or directly download the plugin.

a day in the snow

today i went with Toppi & Vanessa to a skiing area near my place: Fischenthal
vanessa and myself were real rookies (yeah… me -> Rookie … wordplay… ok, i’ll shutup now) and toppi was the last time skiing 10 years ago.
but: everything went well and it was a real funny day

more pictures as usual in my gallery

nmap 4.0 released

the from my point of view best portscanner/host analyzer was released in a new version.

official announcement on insecure.org:

Changes since version 3.50 include a rewritten (for speed and memory efficiency) port scanning engine, ARP scanning, a brand new man page and install guide, ‘l33t ASCII art, runtime interaction, massive version detection improvements, MAC address spoofing, increased Windows performance, 500 new OS detection fingerprints, and completion time estimates. Dozens of other important changes — and future plans for Nmap — are listed in the release announcement.

You can find the downloads here