ghostdoc video on channel9

as you may remember, some time ago i blogged about a visual studio documentation-plugin called "ghostdoc".
now the author roland notified me that he had the chance to present ghostdoc during a showoff session at microsoft’s developer conference PDC. He created a short video and this is now published on channel9.
if you want a quick tour through ghostdoc in less than five minutes, check out the video.

in addition roland released a new version of ghostdoc yesterday. read his news in his blog.

quake 4 gone gold!


For all the doubters out there thinking Quake 4 would not hit its mid-October release date, fear no more as Activision just let us know that the game has gone gold and is off to manufacturing. The PC version of the game will be shipping to stores October 18.

Source: shacknews

“eDome” gaming lounge in zurich

yesterday Michi and i went to the "eDome", a gaming lounge in zurich.
we were very impressed: we expected a small, dark, dirty LAN-party like location in a basement. but the edome is a stylish mixture of lounge, bar, internet-cafe and lan party area. you can play against others in the eDome LAN or play on an internet connection.
we ordered two cocktails at the bar and they were really good.

if you like gaming and you are living near zurich: visit the eDome!