testdrive with nissan 350z roadster

we just returned from my testdrive with a nissan 350z roadster. although i booked a normal series-350z, we got a modified 350Z roadster with a compressor which boosts the orginal 280 horsepowers to 380 … this was rather impressive.

i was very impressed by the sound of the "lady" (common nickname for the 350z).
after a one hour drive we had a small talk to the very friendly salesman at garage egger.
i’m REALLY interested in the 350z roadster now 🙂
you can find more pictures in my gallery

ghostdoc – a VS.NET documentation automation

i just visited a few pages and one of them was the homepage of my former coworker roland.
there i saw that he released a new version of his project "ghostdoc" and remembered that he showed me this cool add-on for visual studio .NET some weeks ago.
i think it’s a real cool solution for lazy coders who want a handy assistant for their inline code documentation … and because everybody hates writing documentation, "ghostdoc" is doing most of the work automatically for you.

but roland can describe it way better, so i just copied his description:

GhostDoc is an add-in for Visual Studio .Net 2003 for automatically
generating those parts of a C# documentation comment that can be
deduced from name and type of e.g. methods, properties or parameters.

if this sounds interesting to you, have a look at the ghostdoc homepage or his weblog.

installation moved to final URLs

ok, now the wordpress content moved to the final destination: www.prueter.ch and www.prueter.info
also my gallery is linked now in the sidebar.
i’m thinking about the different advantages and disadvantages to integrate the gallery in-frame, but for now it will open in a new browser window.

old design migrated

i successfully finished the migration of the old site design.
there are some small glitches here and there, but it’s more or less ready…
the creation of an own wordpress theme wasn’t rocket science, although it took some time to understand the layout structure behind it.

thx again to quaestor who provided me the original graphics!

wordpress installed

i’m just finished with installing wordpress.
wordpress is flexible blogging system … and: it was very easy to install (it took me 3 minutes :))
so in next days i will try to migrate my prueter.info layout to wordpress and clean up some old mess in the database.