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Congrats Porsche on the Le Mans win but also for being a humble (lucky) winner and giving Toyota the respect they deserve.

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Competed together for 24 hours.
Head to head for 24 hours.
Gained our respect forever.

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Android N APIs are finalized with Dev Preview 4

Along with our 4th Developer Preview now available through new system images and through the Android Beta program (, you can now compile and publish apps using API 24 – the finalized APIs for #AndroidN.

Check out the blog post for more details and continue to file issues on the issue tracker:

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Recently we released a new open source sample that showcases the different components that come with the Android TV Leanback library. The home screen is a BrowseFragment consisting of a set of different cards, with each card representing a component in Leanback.

Try out the new sample here, and test it out on your TV device or emulator:

There is also the original Leanback sample as well:

If you have ideas for other features you would like to see in our samples, please share them in the comments.

+Sebastian Porst +Adrian Ludwig Is this a photo for “Fight Club 2”? Or a warning to malware authors …

+Sebastian Porst +Adrian Ludwig Is this a photo for "Fight Club 2"? Or a warning to malware authors ("If you don't stop this we'll beat you up!")?