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Looks like Google I/O attendees put their ADT-1 and #AndroidTV   to good use 😉

Original Post from Sebastian Mauer:

#Snes9xEX + for Android Wear was a nice test, on #AndroidTV  it's a must have. In case you were able to pick-up an ADT-1 (aka Molly) at #io14  I saved you the hassle to compile and repackage it for the Leanback Launcher. Have fun (and always make sure to stay within the bounds of copyright-law when handling ROM Images)

Get it here:

Or build it yourself by checking out the source here:

Props to Robert Broglia and the Snes9x Team.
The project also contains Emulators for C64, GBA, GBC, NES, Mega Drive and more.

I will not release that APK to the Play Store since I believe the team behind the project will do so in due time.

Nice one Microsoft!

Nice one Microsoft!