server restored… somewhat

just a quick note that the server crashed on saturday and it took my the whole weekend to reinstall & recover data.

it might take another couple of days to have all features enabled again (e.g. FTP configuration, etc).

yes, the last backup was of course too long ago and especially recovering the sharepoint sites just from the database files was giving me some headache last night. i will maybe post a bit more extensively tonight and explain what happened, what problems i encountered and what solutions i found.

random VOIP spam calls

since a couple of days our phone (connected with a Grandstream HT486 VOIP adapter) is ringing randomly several times throughout the day while displaying a “MeucciSolutions” as callerID. The calls are not listed as incoming calls on the sipgate servers (sipgate is my German VOIP provider), so i assume they are made directly to the SIP endpoint, maybe discovered via portscans. my router log also shows changing IP addresses the SIP calls are originating from, so i assume this might be either a distributed spam attack or even worse the code to do this might even be embedded in some kind of malware/virus/trojan.

Needless to say that “Meucci Solutions” (a provider of VOIP analysis and monitoring equipment) has nothing to do with these calls. They even have a complaint form on their site.

if my theory is correct and these are direct SIP initiations resulting from port scans, i hope my countermeasure of changing the default port for SIP signaling (usually 5060 UDP) to something different works.