short interruption in internet access

this week i got an email from Web-Pass, our internet provider, announcing a short interruption of the internet connectivity to the building due to the swap of a network component in the building. i never noticed the interruption (well, only when looking afterward at my router logs) but i am pleased that they announced it upfront. i made some quick connection checks and everything seems to be working as before:


and have to repeat what i said before: Web-Pass is the most awesome internet provider i ever had. so if you live in the San Francisco area and can get their service: it’s definitely worth it!

added Facebook webparts

just spend some time to add Facebook webparts to my blog.

if you use the “Connect” button on the right to login with your Facebook account, you will see the following add-ons to my sharepoint:

    • you can see my Facebook status on the top right (if you are in my Facebook friends list)


    • you can comment on posts as your Facebook user


    • you can share a blog post on Facebook


Yeah, useless play-stuff 🙂 But it was interesting to hack around the sharepoint layouts and understand web-parts a bit better.
On a somewhat unrelated sidenote, the blog is now also reachable via