wakeboarding … or at least trying it

my colleague eric asked me earlier last week if i want to join him and some friends on saturday for a day on the boat and do some wake-boarding. so i thought: "ugh… sports? me? on my free day?". but eric knows me well and he continued with  terms like "chillin’" , "sun", "boating", "beer" … ok, there’s beer, i am in!

michi wasn’t too happy, because she had to work on that day, but i promised her to take pictures and convince eric that she really, really, really would like to see the boat as well…

so eric & katherine picked me up at 9.15 AM on saturday morning… through my slightly swollen eyes (i was celebrating roshni’s birthday the night before) i could also recognize jason (friend of eric) and oso (the dog).

after a one hour drive we arrived at the delta, packed the boat, met with joel, kelly and their son kenji (the most mellow baby i have ever seen) and were heading to the water.

Map image

yeah… the wakeboarding … i already had the bad feeling that it’s not as easy as it looks when the others were riding the board. that feeling got stronger when i went into the water… apparently my body has a problem to balance my ass properly with a speeding motorboat. but anyway… it was really fun 🙂

DSC03600 DSC03603

DSC03605 DSC03616

DSC03623  DSC03609

and to show you how it should look like, here is a short video of eric on the wakeboard.

to summarize:
it was a really cool day with really nice people, beer, the best sandwich i ever had, more beer, sun, water, a boat, a dog, a totally insane boat stereo-system, and a baby that knows how to give a high-five.

you can see more pictures in my photo album.