whiskyship and lazyness

as you can read (or obviously: not read) i’m too lazy these days to update my blog.
i added some new photo galleries but was too tired/busy/lazy to write a few sentences for each event…

but yesterday was a special event i want to mention at least in a short note: the whiskyship in zurich. basically it’s an event where 5 ships are tied together in the harbour of zurich and on each ship are a lot of whisky-shops and tasting sessions. mjam 🙂 one of the very rare possibilities to taste real expensive and rare single-malt whisky.

so if you like a good whisky and talking with experts about it: that’s definitly the place to go!

strange quake 4 demo system

last night i tried to export demos to AVI with quake 4’s demo system…. it’s a nightmare:
you cannot directly export netdemos (demos you recorded during multiplayer matches), you have to record your netdemo to a renderdemo (best explained as singleplayer/localhost demo) first and than you can export the video to TGA screenshots.
but even there seem to be nasty bugs with the renderdemos: they slow down and speed up from time to time, often it looks like your player is out of sync with the rest of the "world" (like playing with ping >500) and projectiles and explosions are NOT shown.
also the promised audio export is not working correctly (it exports only a 16kb wav file).

i hope raven will fix this in one of the next patches. i would really like to create movies out of quake 4 content.

internet explorer tab in firefox

quaestor just pointed me to this interesting firefox plugin:

IE Tab, an extension from Taiwan, features embedding Internet Explorer in tabs of Mozilla/Firefox. This extension is derived from the famous extension IE View, but they are quite different. While IE View always open IE-only pages in newly launched windows of Internet Explorer, IE Tab can open them in tabs of Mozilla/Firefox.

you can get it here

quake 4 config

immediatly after returning from my vacation, i bought a copy of quake4 special edition.
my conclusion: quake4 rocks… the multiplayer is really promising a lot of action in the next month 🙂
i love the remake of Q2’s "the edge" (now called "over the edge"), although i’m missing the double jump/crate jump and the machine-gun sound is too loud in multiplayer for my favour.

after some tweaking, i uploaded my quake4 config. grab it if you like… it’s optimized for my 128mb geforce 6600GT, but should be good for any gfx card with 128 mb.

returned from the caribbean

no that’s not a new movie with johnny depp 😉

michi and i returned yesterday from our two weeks vacation in the dominican republic.

we had mostly great weather (no, we weren’t affected by any hurricane), terrific food and a lot of drinks. all together a really great trip.

a lot more photos are available as usual in my gallery