mtv and viva will ban ringtone commercials

OMFG!!! this is a gift from heaven!!
the german music tv-channels mtv and viva (both owned by Viacom) anounced that they will ban ringtone-commercials. mtv will start in october, viva will follow in march.
finally it will be again possible to watch music television!

spiegel online

streetparade 2005 … incredible event

the last weekend had one topic: streetparade
it’s incredible how many people fit in zuerich’s inner city. and it’s even more incredible how many freaked out people in ridiculous costumes and sexy outfits are having a (more or less) peaceful party.

although i really don’t like electronic music (and that’s even understated) it was fun … most likely because of my earlaps 😉
you can find a lot of fotos in my gallery.

sadly michi got sick last night, so i don’t really know my plans for the next days. hopefully she will be allright soon 🙁
on thursday evening i’ll fly to amsterdam for a meeting and will fly to cologne from there on friday.

returned … and planing to leave again

i returned from techready on sunday morning.

the conference was good, some really high-quality presentations and lots of useful information (the most valueable I’ve usually got during a beer-talk with a collegue :)).
especially the "hands on" labs were great this time. huge amount of server with even more virtual labs where you can play around with new products and pre-prepared scenarios.
the trip back was not really joy 🙁 just one hint: never fly with delta airlines. the baggage of nearly a 1/3 of our group was missing in zuerich and was delivered one day later. the chaos during the checkin was ridiculous … all in all: pay a few bucks more and fly SAS. their planes are modern and even WLAN internet access during the flight.

now that i’m returned to zuerich, i’m again planing to leave:
michi and I are thinking about holiday in the caribbean. let’s see if that works 🙂

short message from “techready”

i’m currently using a kiosk-pc at the techready conference in seattle.
techready is great: great announcements, great presentations, an incredible lab where you can get "hands-on" experience and last but not least: great parties 🙂

what impressed me most until now where the early demos of the following products:

  • office 12: after a 12 minutes demo i just thought: "wow … where can i buy this?"
  • network monitor 3: an incredible presentation … finally we are getting rid of that crappy old netmon and will have a state of the art product
  • windows vista: really cool how stable the beta1 is running

    i’ll blog more when i’m returned on sunday